Saturday, November 10, 2012

Christmas Is In The Air

It's that time of year! Christmas is in the air, the decorating has begun, and the crazy shopping is in full swing.

Look who we found hanging on our kitchen hoop this morning!

Our Elf, Gummy is here! He will be reporting back to Santa every night :) Brayden is very concerned about Santa's naughty list, and Gummy usually keeps him on his toes with his behavior.

Holiday crafting, my favorite thing to do this time of year! Some people bake. I cannot bake :( I do try. In fact I'm pretty sure in the next couple weeks something will catch my eye, I will get excited, purchase all of the ingredients and packaging -it will be an epic FAIL! I'm not sure why, but baking is not friend. I NEVER succeed. I envy the moms who bake the most amazing "themed" birthday cakes for their kids. I really wish I could! Instead, I can craft....

I have been seeing some cute cake stands on Pinterest, and have been wanting to try them out.

Christmas themed plates.
Liquid nails.
Glass candle stick holder.

These were so fun, and literally took 5 minutes! Well 5 minutes to apply everything, then you let it dry overnight. I'm sure after a couple hours it was ready, but I just left it alone until the morning.
I completed a couple more tonight...

Happy crafting!

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